Josh Williams Guitars New Model Release

Just this last week, Josh Williams Guitars launched their newest electric guitar model, Stella! Over the past years, they focused on building acoustic guitars, a hollowbody electric guitar called the Mockingbird and miscellaneous custom electrics, acoustics and bass guitars. Stella is the first JWG solid body electric guitar and they wanted to make sure that it was launched appropriately.

We worked together with Josh Williams Guitars to create a launch strategy. We ended up filming 3 videos as well as photographed the two Stella guitars. The weeks leading up to the launch, JWG posted a few teaser photos of the upcoming guitar and used a landing page on their website to build an email list of prospective clients. Using the videos and photos, JWG sent out a series of 4 emails to teach this audience about Stella. After that, teaser versions of the videos were posted on Instagram to lead back to his website where the full videos and details were located.

This was such a fun project to work on and we truly enjoyed being a part of the process. The first video on this page is the main Stella release video. The second video is a full recording of the song being played using the new Stella guitars.

Producing creative marketing campaigns is one of the best parts of what we do as it isn’t just one video, but it is collective marketing piece that reaches out to an audience on multiple levels. Make sure to check out the Stella Release Page to learn more about these incredible guitars!