Product Videos


Everyone would agree that being able to physically touch and interact with a product before buying it is the one of the best ways to convert browsing to a sale, but what if your customer can’t check out what you have to offer in person? Video brings your product to life! It is the next best thing to handling your product in person and it gives your prospective customers the chance to see the highlights of your merchandise in a compelling way.  With product videos, you can introduce new offerings, highlight unique features and illuminate the use and value of your product.


How have our clients used product videos?

Client: Kronos Golf


Kronos Golf makes incredible putters that are machine-milled and hand-polished all in California. Their designs are not only beautiful, but they are also precise and balanced. Creating product videos has allowed Kronos to have far more personal interaction with their customers. Since 2017, we have worked with Kronos to create consistent video content promoting their putters. Some of the videos we have created include: responses to frequently asked questions, individual putter model highlights, behind the scenes videos about production and even new product launches.

Kronos has been able to share these product videos in a variety of ways: they live on their website within the specific product pages, on their blog, and within email marketing. We have also created specific videos and short vignettes to be used within their social media and advertising. Phillip, the owner of Kronos Golf, has said that he loves being able to respond to email questions and inquiries with related videos so that he can engage his customers in an even better way.



Client: Vessel Bags


Originally started with the focus of creating the highest quality golf bags, Vessel Bags soon recognized that there was a hole they could fill in the luxury backpack, briefcase and tote industry. With this diverse product offering it is important to make each bag shine and to highlight the incredible attention to detail and design.

We partnered with Vessel in the beginning of 2018 to create videos that would engage and endear their audience to their products. We have filmed individual product highlight videos for their online store and created new product launch videos. We have also created many product videos that are specifically designed to engage their audience on social media. Through this, Vessel has been able to better showcase the features of their products as well as create excitement for new and existing products.