What’s a Collaboration Video Campaign?


We’re so glad you asked! A Collaboration Video Campaign occurs when multiple brands come together to create a video campaign that is mutually beneficial to all parties. These type of videos act as a referral or introduction to related brands that your audience would benefit from knowing. The brands involved should have a symbiotic relationship and shouldn’t pose any threat or competition to one another. In this case, when we use the word brand this could refer to products, services, people, industries, and more. A Collaboration Video can really boost your brand recognition as you pool together with other businesses to launch a creative video campaign that engages new viewers.

While there are many benefits to this type of video campaign, there are some potential setbacks to consider. You know the phrase, “Too many cooks in the kitchen'“? Well, that can certainly come into play here. When considering using this approach, make sure you are aligning with other brands that you work well with and who are cheering on your business’ success. Things can get sticky, especially if you choose to share the cost of producing the video campaign. Having a clearly defined agreement on the goals, budget and cost sharing of the campaign helps to ensure the success of these video campaigns.

We got together with Josh Williams Guitars and singer and songwriter Ariel Posen to film a series of videos that highlighted each of these brands. The timing of this collaboration centered around the release of a new version of the Josh Williams Guitar model, Stella Jr, and release of Ariel’s latest album, “How Long”. During the course of filming we shot 6 videos that showcased Posen’s new music in a stripped down version without his band, which really allowed the Stella Jr. to shine. We were also able to show off Two Rock Amps, who was generous enough to send out one of their amps to use in these videos. After filming, each of these brands was able to release these videos to their unique followings on their Instagram pages, YouTube Channels and webpages. Reading through the comment sections of these videos you can see the success this campaign had in introducing new people to the brands and creating additional fans!