You probably have heard it over and over again: “story is important”, “tell stories”, “people engage with story” and so on. Over the years we have seen many different forms of visual story and we feel that one of the most engaging forms are documentary. Rather than a completely scripted narrative, you are following the interviews of real people and getting insight into who they really are. We have had the opportunity to create many videos in the past that have a rough documentary style, but this was our first time to create a documentary of our own.

The Idea: In our current technology driven society, the simpler and often more tangible arts and craftsmanship became overlooked and viewed as impractical by many. Yet now that technology, social media and mass production has become so main stream, people seem to be longing for more tangible and unique things again. We wanted to share the story about why handmade things are important and some insight behind the craft and the makers themselves.

We had many people and brands that we were interested in using for this story and ultimately, 3 people/brands were the perfect fit. Brian Grasela of Made Lumber Supply, Nicole Novena of Clay + Craft Co. and Chris Wright of Scripture Type. Each of these makers are incredibly talented and have built successful businesses out of their love for making things by hand. We had a great time interviewing each of them and getting an inside look into what drives them, what they love about creating and insight into the balance of imperfection in handmade things and how that brings unique value to their products.

Our hope from this short documentary is to help people get excited about slowing things down and using their hands again and to recognize that their is value in handmade!