Over the years we have been continually reminded of how much hard work and dedication it takes to run a business. We have crossed paths with so many incredible people and businesses and simply marvel at what they have been able to create out of nothing. It’s this inspiration that led to the creation of this new Larimore Production Co video. The majority of our time is spent focusing on creating videos for other brands, but we had been wanting to create a new video of our own and so we dove in.

The overall vision of this video was to share the story of the creative business owner/entrepreneur. We didn’t want it to be focused on Larimore, but rather tell the story through three local businesses. Since we are based out of Oceanside and Carlsbad, the decision on what businesses to chronicle wasn’t a hard one. This video shows the story of Julie Rais Ellis of Rais Case, Phillip Lapuz of Kronos Golf and Kurtis Woodin of Woodin Surfboards. We love their businesses almost as much as who they are as people. We had an incredible time filming with each of them and left even more inspired than when we started this project!

Here at Larimore Production Co, we are passionate about helping brands grow their businesses through engaging video content! We are a San Diego video production company based in Oceanside and Carlsbad and have had the privilege of working on projects throughout the United States. If you are considering using video to market and engage your audience, we would love to talk with you!

To learn more about our brand participants, check out their websites below