Nielsen Norman Group, or NNG as many call it, is the leading user experience research, training and consulting group in the world. In fact, many people credit Jakob Nielsen and Don Norman with founding the field of user experience as we know it today. We have had the privilege of working alongside NNG to create consistent video content for their YouTube channel. Educating your audience through free content can be an incredible way to engage more viewers and ultimately lead individuals and companies to utilize NNG’s research, training and consulting services.

In December of 2017, we joined the NNG team at their user experience conference in Las Vegas to get to work filming these videos. We setup 7 different colored backgrounds and filmed over 50 videos featuring content from more than 15 different speakers. By controlling the environment and having each speaker prepared to film 2-3 videos, we were able to create all these videos in just 6 days. We then edited and uploaded/scheduled these videos to go live on YouTube on different dates throughout the year. It’s amazing how planning and strategy has delivered NNG many months worth of content!

Creating professional, educational and engaging content videos can be an incredible strategy for serving your audience and client base, and can also be a great lead generator for your business. Reach out to us if you would like to discuss a video content strategy for your business!

To learn more about Nielsen Norman Group, check out their site