ZMOT Auto is a very unique company. They are a dealer to dealer investment management and performance partner. The are owned by the Cardinale Automotive Group, which was started in 1979 and has 19 auto dealerships within the United States. After the economy crashed in 2008, they decided to take a risk and focus all of their marketing on digital marketing efforts and it paid off! They have become the leaders in the industry and decided that this strategy is too powerful not to share with other dealers. Out of this, ZMOT Auto was born.

We partnered with them at the beginning of 2017 to create a brand video as the focal point of their new website. Their vision was to have an edgy, entertaining, no B.S. video that actually spoke the language of the dealers. To accomplish this we filmed the CEO, Erich Gail, speaking directly to the audience. We then paired this with filming on location, stock footage and animations. The end result was a bold video that speaks directly to their target audience.

This was a unique project for us and was actually the first time we ever used stock footage in a project. To be able to create this video within the short time-frame alotted and maintain budget, we determined as a team that this would be our best approach for making this video stand out. We had a great time creating it and are excited to see how ZMOT continues to revolutionize the industry.

Feel free to check out their website: