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Too often businesses decide to create videos with very little plan as to how they will fit into their marketing. At Larimore Production Co., we approach video production a little different. We want to see your business succeed and for you to experience the full value of video marketing. Utilizing our three step plan: Strategize, Produce & Implement, we work with you and your team to ensure that you have videos that actually help you achieve your business goals.


Where Should You Start?


Content Marketing

The well known adage of, “Content is King”, reigns true with video as well. The more that you can educate and engage your current customers and future prospects with video, the easier it is to build a loyal fan base.

Product Videos

In a highly saturated digital marketplace, differentiating your business’ products is more important than ever. Product videos are a great way to excite and educate your audience about your current products and new product launches.

Commercial Construction Videos

One of the most effective ways to show off a finished commercial construction project is through video. We specialize in coming alongside commercial construction companies and architects to use video to land more projects.

Collaboration Video

One of the most under-utilized approaches towards video is collaboration. Partnering like-minded businesses from your industry that aren’t direct competitors to create a video campaign is a great way to reach a broader audience. We recently worked on a video campaign that paired Josh Williams Guitars, Two Rock Amps and musician Ariel Posen.

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Kickstarter Video

Over the past decade, crowdfunding has become incredibly popular. Kickstarter has been at the forefront of the online crowdfunding movement and has help thousands of businesses and individuals bring their new ideas to life. We had the opportunity to create a Kickstarter campaign video for the San Diego based 3D Printer company, Cubibot. They were backed by over 2,000 people and raised $648,311.


Brand Video

Creating a brand video can be a great way to show people who you are and what your brand is all about. Often this includes the story of the company, who they are, the people they serve and the problem they help overcome. Sometimes though it can be compelling to create an inspiration video that shares values and vision of who you are and how your customers relate to the brand. This is the direction we took for our Inspiration video, “Never Hold Back, Life’s an Adventure.”

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